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Social and Corporate Packages

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Do you want a place to live in downtown Davao City, that is very convenient?

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Linmarr Towers Condominium Complex
"Tomorrow's Neighbourhood Today"

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  • 10. Buy a unit at Linmarr Towers

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Corporate Packages

Flawless meetings ... Whether a confidential session, a high-profile launch or an exclusive incentive reward – when every detail must be perfect, choose Linmarr Davao. Count on unrivalled meeting spaces, with advanced support such as high-speed Internet access, plus facilities to enhance the experience, from unique suites to apartelle (private residences) amenities. Superb cuisine is assured, from the Grand Ballroom to the private dining room of an award-winning restaurant to catering at an off-site location. Every step includes experienced assistance to help you successfully plan and execute your event.

Take a peek at the recent corporate events that just happened at Linmarr. A pictorial gallery you don't want to miss!

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Plated Package Rates
(Inclusive of 3 meals and 2 snacks with room accomodation. Served with coffee - 50 cups/day. Minimum of 30 guests)
1,705.00 net/guest/day - 3 guests/room
1,510.00 net/guest/day - 4 guests/room
1,450.00 net/guest/day - 5 guests/room
1,420.00 net/guest/day - 6 guests/room
Buffet Package Rates
1,880.00 net/guest/day - 3 guests/room
1,680.00 net/guest/day - 4 guests/room
1,630.00 net/guest/day - 5 guests/room
1,595.00 net/guest/day - 6 guests/room


(Inclusive of 3 meals and 2 snacks)
910.00 net/guest/day (Plated Meals)
1,085.00 net/guest/day (Buffet Meals)
Amenities and Services Provided:
Standard Apartelle Amenities (For Live-In Seminar Packages Only):
  • One-car garage
  • Hot and cold shower
  • Mini refrigerator
  • Telephone (IDD & NDD)
  • Free use of pool
  • Cable TV
  • Air conditioned room
Function Room Facilities:
  • Backdrop (text only, logo will be provided by the guest)
  • Sound system (with tapedeck & cd player,microphones)
  • Brewed coffee ( good for 50 cups only)
  • Whiteboard w/ marker and eraser
  • Extension wires, if needed
  • Twelve (12) hours use of air-conditioned function room
  • A relaxing dip at the pool
With a fee:
  • Overhead projector w/ screen 800.00/day
  • LCD projector w/ screen 3,500.00/day
  • PC Laptop or desktop 50.00/unit
  • Coffee refill 700.00 for 50 cups
  • White screen only 300.00/day

Corkages & other charges:
  • Lechon Baboy Corkage 300.00/lechon
  • Lechon Baka Corkage 500.00/lechon
  • Additional Dish 300.00/dish
    (maximum of 3 dishes only)
  • Additional Softdrinks 24.00/bottle
  • Additional Rice 20.00/cup
  • Wine/Liquor(750ml) 250.00/bottle
  • In excess of 12 hrs 600.00/hr
  • Electricity Charge 400.00/day

Miscellaneous Function Rates:
1.) 2 plated snacks and 1 meal buffet 530.00/head min of 30pax
2.) 1 plated snack and 1 meal buffet 420.00/head min of 30pax
3.) Heavy Merienda (plate-in) 150.00/head min of 50pax
4.) Light Merienda (plate-in) 120.00/head min of 50pax
5.) Cocktails 315.00 and 300.00 / head min of 50pax
6.) Consumable:
15,000.00 (whole day, max. of 25pax)
  • Backdrop
  • Sound System/microphone/rostrum
  • 8 hours use of air conditioned function room
  • Whiteboard with marker and eraser
10,000.00 (half day, max. of 25 pax)
  • Backdrop
  • Sound System/microphone/rostrum
  • 4 hours use of air conditioned function room
  • Whiteboard with marker and eraser

  • Above rates, are inclusive of Government tax
  • 50% down payment is required upon confirmation