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10 Ways to live to 100

  • 1. Enjoy yourself
  • 2. Stay young at heart
  • 3. Be honest and open
  • 4. Look for rainbows
  • 5. Walk to work
  • 6. Stop smoking
  • 7. Exercise regularly
  • 8. Golf
  • 9. Commune with nature
  • 10. Buy a unit at Linmarr Towers

Baptism - The Christening Party

What is the tradition?

The Christening of a child in any family is a very sacred event in their lives. It is a milestone meant to be celebrated because it's the re-birth of a child into a new world - a Christian world. Usually, a reception for family and friends occur after the ceremony.

By custom, the christening party should be dominated by the color white, bright lights, and sweet foods. Decorate with white flowers, balloons, and more candles. Scallop shells are also used to symbolize Baptism, even though they were originally pagan fertility symbols. Did you string little white lights during Christmas? Well, you can use them again for this party. Bring out the dove collection you displayed for Easter and Pentecost! Put out a baby book and ask guests to write a little something about your child's Baptism or perhaps their own. Siblings involved? Maybe they could be persuaded to compose a special poem, craft a banner, or have pictures of their own Baptisms displayed.

If you have done a "Parents' Prayer" or "Parents' Wish" (which includes your hopes and dreams for this new child), this would be the perfect time to present it.

With all these said and done, the Christening party is just as what is mentioned above ...a celebration and this event can be seen as a birthday celebration.

If you’ve ever known a one-year-old, you know that the hope, wonder and joy with which they discover the world is more than just a prelude to what they will become. Before baby even takes a step, one of the most important parts of Christian life’s journey – the beginning – has already taken place, and that definitely deserves a good party.

Come and meet Candice, a mom of a one year old baby named Zoie read moreLink to Zoie's First Birthday.