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Dear Reader,

A wedding is a ceremony that celebrates the beginning of a marriage or civil union. Welcome to Linmarr's dedication to the most memorable event in your life. We will be publishing everything and anything about this special occasion.

Our wedding ideas, advice and expertise about the wedding ceremony, wedding cake, flowers, gifts, music, photos, videos, responsibilities, etc. will help you plan for the wedding of your dreams. Here, you'll also find pages and pages of visual inspiration to transform your wedding into reality (Remember: Dreams do come true!) (Please check back frequently, as we will be publishing new articles from time to time. Thank you.)

Yours truly,

Tiya Maria

The Wedding Checklist

Linmarr Davao Wedding Checklist: Bride beating groom animation

A 12-month practical guide to ease your wedding jitters. For the bride and groom, planning a wedding is exciting, but can also be stressful. Begin well in advance, ask friends and family for as much help as possible and chart out the details months in advance. Always use a checklist and relax... have fun! read moreLink to Wedding Checklist

General Philippine Marriage Requirements

Linmarr Civil Wedding in Davao: Image of Legislative Building in Davao

The Family Code of the Philippines recognizes the authority of any incumbent member of the judiciary to solemnize marriages within his court's jurisdiction. There are also cases wherein Mayors solemnize a civil wedding. The bride and groom should present their individual Birth, Barangay and Community Tax Certificates. The bride and groom are expected to comply with the dress code, that is, a white long-sleeved shirt or barong and dark pants for the groom, and the bride, a white dress with head crown. read moreLink to General Philippine Marriage Requirements

General Church Wedding Requirements

Linmarr Church Wedding in Davao: Image inside San Pedro Church in Davao

A Church Wedding requires longer preparation time. Several months before the wedding, you have to inquire and make reservations with the local parish you wish to be married in.

Aside from the marriage license, the bride and the groom will have to submit to the parish copies of their Baptismal and Confirmation Certificates. One month before the wedding date, the Bride and Groom are scheduled for a Canonical Interview conducted by the parish priest or his assistant. A schedule will also be provided for the bride and groom to attend a Pre-marriage seminar. It is also during the Canonical Interview that the couple will be provided with Wedding Banns for posting to the bride and groom's respective parishes. One week before the wedding date, the couple should submit to the parish the list of their ninongs and ninangs. Church policy usually requires at least 1 sponsor, and ideally, a maximum of 6 sponsors. read moreLink to General Church Wedding Requirements

Marrying a Foreigner

Linmarr Wedding in Davao: Image of a mixed marriage in Davao

So, you're marrying a foreigner! Now, this gets more complicated. On top of the Legal and/or Church requirements, further paperworks need to be accomplished. You'll have to get in touch with your respective embassy or consulate to get a certificate to prove your civil status and your eligibility for marriage. Though more work and time is involved, the end result can be ever rewarding. Have fun! read moreLink to Marrying a Foreigner

Wedding Location

Linmarr Wedding in Davao: Image Linmarr Garden Wedding Set-up

You've already taken cared of the first important setting, the legality of all this mumbo-jumbo red-tape, but now there's another setting to think about: Where do you want your ceremony and reception to take place? When it comes to choosing a wedding location, there are myriad of things to consider: weather, budget and logistics, not to mention those extremely fussy guests that you have to invite (What if you decided to have your wedding ceremony in Samal and "Si Manang, ayaw magsakay ug bangka (Aunt Shirley won't ride the small boat)!"). Whether you're staying close to home, tying the knot on the beach, or saying your vows up in the mountains, you'll find something to suit your budget and tastes on the following link. read moreLink to Wedding Location

Churches in Davao

Linmarr Church Wedding in Davao: Image of a San Pedro Church in Davao

With predominantly catholic communities, not to mention, that almost all brides-to-be envision a white veil and wearing a long white gown, Davaweñas always opt for a church wedding. Davao City is very fortunate to be blessed with many churches ideal for this special occassion. From large cathedral types to small chapels, the choices can be limitless. read moreLink to Wedding Cake

Time to Relax

Linmarr Davao: Image of an interesting fact about wedding

Take some time off from your hectic planning schedules and relax. Read through these interesting facts, history and customs from around the world. Did you know that the wedding cake was patterned after this church in England? read moreLink to Wedding Cake

The Wedding Flower

Linmarr Davao Wedding Flower: Image of a wedding flower

Flowers or herbs have been used in weddings since the beginning of time as a way of showing love and well wishes to everyone. The actual first recorded use of wedding flowers dates back to the ancient Greeks. Flowers and plants were used to make a crown for the bride to wear and were considered a gift of nature. read moreLink to Wedding Cake

The Wedding Cake

Linmarr Davao Wedding Cake: Image of a wedding cake by Tsokolate

The wedding cake started out as a fertility symbol and was a major part of the ancient marriage ceremony. Ancient Romans would bake a cake made of wheat or barley and break it over the bride's head as a symbol of her fertility. It became tradition to pile up several small cakes, one on top of the other, as high as they could, and the bride and groom would kiss over the tower and try not to knock it down. If they were successful, it meant a lifetime of prosperity. In the 1660s, a French chef was visiting London and observed the cake piling ceremony. He conceived the idea of transforming the mountain of bland tumbling biscuits into an iced, multi-tiered cake sensation. read moreLink to Wedding Cake

The Ideal Wedding Gown

Linmarr Davao Wedding Gown: Image of a wedding gown

You've already tackled the who, what, and when, but what about the wear? While finding the perfect gown is a cherished rite of passage (and a part of the ardous planning process that you actually look forward to), it can also be a little bit overwhelming. After all, even the most seasoned shopper may have trouble - not to mention answering the many other questions that come up along the way... What's a sweetheart neckline? How the heck do I pick out my veil? Do I have to spend a fortune? Relax: "Tabangon ta ka" (help is on the way). read moreLink to Wedding Gown

Wacky, funny, and candid wedding pictures of the world

Linmarr Davao: Image of a wedding funny pic

We have search the net and came out with this compilation of candid wedding pictures from around the world.... read moreLink to Wacky, funny, and candid wedding pictures of the world

Wedding videos from around the world

Linmarr Davao: Image of a wedding video

Have you ever wondered how other people hold their wedding day? Here's your chance to take a peek! read moreLink to Wacky, funny, and candid wedding pictures of the world

More to come! Please check back from time to time. Thank you.